Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Blog has moved!

Hello blog readers! My blog has officially moved to

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds!

Woo hoo, off to the pretty new blog!

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Spahulu Photography said...

Hey Catie! You are no joke when documenting WPPI...I couldn't even get that far but loved that you were able to catch every ounce of knowledge, fun, and people you met over that period of time. Yes, I think the pictures I took of you with David Jay and JD are beyond the best fliccs from that trip:P...hahaha...Love your new site...still working on minez! But great to see you here! Just wanted to drop a hello and say thanks for convincing me to buy a shoot sac...i love it and find myself even using it for my wallet, keys, and cell phone! Best wishes to you with your big day around the corner. Take care, Seini