Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beth + Phil : Anytime

I met Beth at work. She sat in a cubicle tucked away on the other side of the conference room. I would hide out in her cube when I was avoiding productivity. Then she was promoted and had to move to the other building. That just meant I had to take a little stroll across the parking lot to chat. And chat we did. About work. About life. About silly people in the world. Sometimes I'd go to her office with the intention of staying maybe 5 minutes, and it would turn into 45. I worked with Beth up until last month; she was able to break out and shorten her commute. When I asked her if she and her husband would be my models she said, "Yes. I love it when people take pictures of me." If you know Beth, you know this is a good thing.

Beth and Phil hail from the other coast, the East Coast, Rhode Island to be exact. They moved to California as Phil is pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry. I already knew that they were a totally fun couple from hanging out a few times. I remember a particular game of Catchphrase where we were all in stitches. They rock! Beth and Phil complement each other in just the right way, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness...on their goat farm in Maine (one day!)

I was excited at the chance to capture them with my camera. Some of my favorites:







I don't remember exactly what they were doing, but I caught it! It was too funny.





Thanks Beth and Phil for coming to hang out! I had a great time and hope you like the results!


Scott Andrew said...

last shot is sicktacular! nice job catie. you write very well too.

Lydia said...

I'm having a hard time trying to decide whether the first picture is the absolute coolest of the last picture. Fantastic job!

Jess said...

yay beth and phil! I especially like the 2nd to last where phil is obviously making some trouble and beth looks like she is scared/trying not to laugh

Anonymous said...

I love number 7 - that is soooo them. :) And number 6 is pretty cool.

Michael Campbell said...

Awesome stuff, Catie! You capture some really great moments. They look like a really fun couple! -Mike

Jessica said...

I can tell how much fun you guys had making these great images!

Adrienne said...

That last one is killer! Looks like a fun session :)