Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Thanksgiving and I'm Thankful

So I actually started writing this post in October, but decided against posting it because it wasn't quite ready. Well, now it's ready.

I love Thanksgiving not only because my family gets together and partakes in amazing food, but because it's the time of the year to re-focus on what's important. I know this shouldn't just be a one-time-a-year reflection, but unfortunately, that's usually how the cookie crumbles. It should be a daily thing, and that's something I'm going to strive for here on out. Being thankful and grateful.

I'm incredibly thankful for a loving and supporting family. In an age where divorce is the norm and love is taken for granted, I feel so blessed and lucky to have such a great family. My parents are still as in love as they were when they started dating over 30 years ago, match-made, actually, and will be having a date night tomorrow. I am thankful for that. I'm really blessed to have a wonderful little sister who is like a chemistry genius and acing her classes down at Cal Poly SLO. I'm excited to have her back. We took some fun photos which I will post soon! I'm also so stoked to have extended family close by, with who we gather every week for what we call "Family Night". I usually block out my Fridays to hang with the family and love it. Time to unwind and reconnect...and EAT!

I'm also so grateful and so blessed to have a wonderfully awesome fiance, Centurion. Yes, that's his real name, just as unique as he is sweet. He definitely keeps me grounded and patiently listens to my rants and raves and general ramblings, and loves me all the same. He thinks it's cute when I say, "heeeeeyyyy" and thinks I'm funny when I pick up his vernacular. He pulls me back into a state of calm when I edge on the unreasonable, or more accurately, jump the threshold entirely. We're getting hitched in July, just about 7 1/2 months away! Thank you for being you and letting me be me. I love you, and next Thanksgiving we'll be spending it together!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have "fallen" into the loving arms of photography when I did this summer. David Jay and Jasmine Star were total catalysts of inspiration during their Free to Succeed Tour. I heard the call ringing in my ears and I decided that, "Yes! I'm going to do this" and to not look back. Like Jasmine said (I believe she quoted Tony Robbins?) there is no trying to sit on a chair, you're either sitting on a chair or not. So I'm not going to try this, I'm DOING it. And while I still consider myself in the shallows, all of this just feels so right. Thank you so much for the love that has been shown so far, my heart is with it. And thanks to all of my great friends who have been showcased here and have been supporting my endeavors all the way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For everything.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Lydia said...

I'm so thankful to have picked that seat back in August and met you!

Jasmine said...

Do it...and keep on doing it!! :)

CamilleElise said...

You're doing a great job Catie!!!!!

michele bowman photography said...

i'm so thankful for finding photography too. i couldn't be happier with my new career choice. now to get some paying clients!

michele bowman photography said...

i am very thankful for finding photography as well. i am in love with my new career choice.
now to get some paying clients!