Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve: 2008 Wrap-Up

To say the least, 2008 was a year of big changes for me.

January: My old car crapped out on 101 North in the pouring rain, so I bought a car...all on my own.

February: I turned 25, without any quarter-life crisis to speak of.

March: Cent and I celebrated our birthdays in Las Vegas. Cent proposed and I said "Yes!"

April: We had our awesome engagement photos taken by Travis Hoehne in Dallas. We played Mario Kart Wii!

May: We booked the "big stuff" for our wedding.

June: I discovered Jasmine Star's old blog. I was moved.

July: I got published on the BART website! And to think I was just at the airport snapping some randomness!

August: I went to David Jay's Free to Succeed Tour guest starring Jasmine Star. I listened. I met them. It changed my life. I also met Lydia and Laura, who I'm still in contact with!

September: I decided to chase my dreams and become a photographer. Met some awesome local photographers whose work I had only seen online. Oh and my parents finally got to meet Cent's parents!

October: Engagement shoots. I was invited to tag-along to a wedding with Jennifer of Candid Moments Weddings. It was awesome and I was ready to do it again.

November: We elected our new president! My first solo wedding. So fun! And the bride and groom loved the photos!

December: Second shot an awesome post-Christmas wedding with Rob of nLighten Images.

Thank you 2008 for all the blessings you've given me. I'm so stoked about 2009 and I know great things are to come!! More weddings, OUR wedding, and a move to Dallas!

I'm off to Dallas to ring in the New Year with Cent! I will be back next year! :)


CamilleElise said...

Nice yearly recap, seems like it's been a little jam packed :) Have fun in Dallas!!!

Jess said...

what are you going to do job wise? any clue yet?

Laura Lynne Photography said...

Hope you had a GREAT New Years Catie!! :)