Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Birthday, Britt!

I also met Brittani in studying abroad in France. She hails from Carmel and went to UC Santa Barbara. Britt is probably THE friendliest person I know. She can seriously make friends with anyone. I'm thinking it's her wonderfully laid-back nature and her ability to just "go with the flow". Back in France, she used to host parties and I remember times hanging out at her apartment until the wee hours of the morning gabbing about everything or nothing at all. She's also a great listener and advice giver. I consider her to be our group's "sage", dishing out sage advice as needed.

Britt was born on Thanksgiving Day and this year we celebrated her birthday a little early with some grubbin' at Andalu and dancin' Blondie Bar in the Mission District of San Francisco. It reminded me of old times in Lyon. We used to go out ALL. THE. TIME. Now with our "grown up" lives, juggling jobs, rent, grad school, law school, significant others and friends, it takes a lot more to keep up with each other.

We had this spot in Lyon called Ayer's Rock. We kept trying to find different places to go out, but somehow, we always ended up at Ayer's. It was hot, smoky (because it was France and not California with no smoking laws!), sweaty, and yet soooo fun. We literally used to just rock out with almost reckless abandon, including dancing on tabletops because it was too hot on the floor (plus it deterred unwarranted attention from creepers to some degree). It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Oh, good times. This was back when Outkast's "Hey-Ya!" and Justin Timberlake's first solo album dropped. For the Frenchies it was merely catchy beats. For us, we could sing along too. And we did, all night long. Until the closing time signal of "Don't Worry, Be Happy".

Britt's birthday was kind of like reliving those old times. We had a blast at dinner (the food was awesome!). We wandered up and down Valencia looking for somewhere to dance, and found Blondie's. It was a flashback for me and so much fun to hang out with the girls + Vincent. Happy Birthday Britt!

So to add to my collection of my sweet and delightful friends, let me share some recent photos from dinner:

Britt's Birthday Bash
The lovely Britt.

Britt's Birthday Bash
So my friend Hana took this photo of me blabbering. I thought that it was so me. I talk with my hands a lot, and this picture stands as proof. I even talk with my hands when I'm on the phone, ha!

Britt's Birthday Bash
My Lyon girls - Elana, Hana, and Vanessa.

Britt's Birthday Bash
These girls crack me up. Constantly.

Britt's Birthday Bash
My study abroad buddies (minus Vincent who took the photo) - Laura, Britt, Elana, Vanessa, and Hana.

Britt's Birthday Bash
Vanessa being herself. Hana being the ghost in the background. Also, normal behaviors. :)

Britt's Birthday Bash

Britt's Birthday Bash
Me being me. Laura and I have matching polka dots!

Couldn't forget my favorite Belgian, Vincent.

Britt's Birthday Bash
If you're ever at Andalu, I recommend this dessert - the brownies!

Britt's Birthday Bash

Britt's Birthday Bash
The Pacheco Street roomies.

Thanks again friends for an excellent evening! I haven't stayed out that late in a long time!

PS, these were all taken indoors without flash, hence the ISO is in serious overdrive, with the widest aperture :) but I do like the textures!


Elana B said...

oh my goodness, you make me soooo nastalgic! i love the way our faces are brought out so much against the fading background lights and colors.

Jessica said...

Looks like fun times!

Anonymous said...

Comment! Give a can!

I love, the photos, by the way.


Anonymous said...

vincent looks rather sexy in his solo pix!! not that you aren't sexy on a normal basis dearie. love alll the pictures and i hate missing out on all these events. pooooo

-- val --

ooo, 1 can for the food drive!