Monday, February 23, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll eat cake if I want to.

First of all, social networking has totally revolutionized the birthday experience, if you put in your real birthday of course. I've never seen such an amazing outpouring of texts, tweets, and wall posts. Let me just take a second to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

While I had to go to work today, thanks to the power of social networking, I was granted the afternoon off. How's that? Well, my manager's wife used to work at the same company and we are now friends on Facebook. She left me a wall post wishing me a "Happy Birthday" and hoping that I would have a great day and get to leave early. So I wrote her back, saying "Thanks!" and jokingly asked her to suggest to her other half of letting me leave early. I was totally kidding. Next thing I know, my wish is granted. Crazy, huh? What a great birthday gift from work!

In my usual fashion, I will be celebrating my birthday for not just one day or one week for that matter, but four weeks! Celebration number one was kicked off this past Friday with a little family gathering. We usually have "Family Night" where we get together every Friday and eat and chat and watch movies. Unfortunately half the family didn't make it due to illness. Never fear, we're going to have a re-do celebration this coming Friday! But my parents still bought me some Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake. If you don't know what Red Velvet cake is, your life is incomplete.

Don't mind me, I'm in my "Friday work-from-home-don't-have-to-look-cute" mode. Ha.
Fam night

Fam night

After (don't worry I finished it!):
Fam night

Saturday I had a fabulous dinner at Garcon in the Mission district of San Francisco. Truly French. But not stuffy as the moniker "French restaurant" suggests. Delicious food. If you are in the city and looking for a cozy French restaurant without any air of pretention, definitely hit up Garcon. We had a leisurely dinner and stayed until they were almost ready to kick us out...just kidding. You may have seen some of these faces on the blog before.

Birthday Dinner at Garcon

Birthday Dinner at Garcon

Birthday Dinner at Garcon

WPPI Recap resumes tomorrow! Thanks everyone for making my 26th birthday such a fun day!


Sam Brockinton said...


Looks like a blast! Great to meet you at WPPI. Keep it up and let us know when you post your next session.

Sam and Ashley

Christine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I have to agree, it was so great to meet you at WPPI! I look forward to seeing you again SOON!

Natasha said...

Happy belated Birthday Catie! That cake looks so gooooooood...........