Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mini [b] school get together!

He hails all the way from Japan. He won a spot in Scarlett Lillian's Nighttime PhotoShoot. He's all over the [b] school. Yeah, I think you might know who I'm talking about...

Last night I received a cryptic phone call with a number that started with a "+" sign. Now I remember from my time in France that international phone calls come in with the plus sign. I was driving at the time, so I couldn't pick up the phone. My phone rang again, and I asked my mom to answer it. We were driving back from super yummy cake tasting, by the way. It seemed as though it was hard to hear. I'm sure the person on the other side was probably confused that the lady saying "WHO?" and "WHAT?" and "B SCHOOL?"

Well I knew it was someone from the [b] school, but who?

I thought and thought. Someone from Canada? No. Someone from France? Nope. Someone from Australia? Nah.

Then it clicked. It was Riz! Riz Crescini, "the guy from Japan"! So I called back the number that called me, little did I know that I was calling direct to Japan. But Riz, being the super considerate guy that he is offered to call me back with his lower rate service. (Thanks Riz!) Who knows what a 35 second call to Japan on a cell phone will cost, hahaha.

Well tonight I had a delightful dinner with Riz and his sister at a nice little Malaysian restaurant, Langkawi, in San Mateo. Riz is in the area visiting his sister and family before jet setting to Vegas! It was great chatting, speaking in "photog", and of course eating! I love Roti Prata with curry sauce! And I had some yummy Mango Chicken. Let me just say, that for someone who flew in this morning from Japan, Riz showed no signs of jet lag (at least not yet!).

Riz, it was a pleasure meeting you and your sister. I'm bummed we didn't get a photo together, but I sure we can fix that when we get to VEGAS! If you're going to Vegas, you can find Riz at the Neon Graveyard, Scarlett Lillian's Nighttime Photoshoot, and the [b] party!

Sunday kicks off the largest wedding and portrait photographer convention, also known as WPPI! I'm going to WPPI and I'm so darn excited, I don't think I can contain it. Just under three days until I'm there! If you are going too, I'd love to meet up! You can follow me on Twitter or add me on Facebook. See you in the City that Never Sleeps (that just might be me...)

And since I don't have a picture with Riz, check out his awesome entry into Scarlett Lillian's contest:
Scarlett in Vegas

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