Monday, January 5, 2009

Frozen Focus

Today, as part of my New Year Goals, I went for a walk/run for exercise. Since I'm in Dallas and apartment bound while Cent is at work all day, I figured I'd get some air and some exercise. I had been looking out the window all morning and noticed that the rain was on and off. The news had reported warnings for freezing rain. Did I pay much attention? Not really.

So when I stepped out the door around 3pm, I about froze. But I was determined. I started walking with my iPod Nano plugged in and my Nike + tracking my miles. I just thought warm thoughts. Let me just say that when it's that cold, warm thoughts aren't going to do anything for anyone. Oh, did I mention that I was wearing shorts? Yeah, I was wearing shorts...longish basketball style shorts, but my calves were still exposed. After a 40 minute jaunt around the neighborhood and adjacent park, I hurried back to the apartment to catch Oprah. I never watch Oprah (because I'm usually at work), but I'm working from home this week, so watching TV here and there is allowed.

I decided it would be interested in checking the weather. Exactly how cold was it? Well...the temperature at 4pm in Irving, TX was 36 degrees! When you factor in windchill, 30 degrees! That's below freezing! No wonder I was cold. Seriously, my thighs felt frozen at the end of it. Silly me didn't pack my swishy sweats. You know, the type that make swishing noises when you walk? Yeah, those were in the laundry or something.

And yet, I walked/ran 40 minutes before freezing over. Take that 2009! I'm straight out the gate!

I'll be posting some photos from the frozenness. I'm still defrosting...until then...

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