Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I bring a hair dryer to the gym.

I've become one of those people. Yes, those. The kind that bring all kinds of junk to the gym to get ready for the day. I'll admit it. I'm one of those gym snobs who thought that getting ready at the gym was silly. Why not go home? Why show the world how you roll? Sometimes, it's not that simple. Well, I'm officially one of those people. With good reason, I might add. I had to. Either that or look like a drowned rat all day.

Personally, I'll take the hair dryer.

I started Boot Camp today. I thought I was going to DIE. And I'm not even talking about the working out part yet. Waking up at 5:15am isn't glamourous. I don't know how Oprah or anyone else in their right mind does it on a daily basis. I love sleep. In fact, I might even dare to say, I cherish it. Let me have my sleep.

Well, it turns out that my will power won out. I decided to sign up for Boot Camp with AlaVie Fitness as a way to jumpstart my fitness program in these last handful of months leading up to the wedding. I've been pretty good about working out, I just needed to kick it up a notch. Shock my system, if you will.

Let me tell you, Internet, I was shocked. And then I about died again. No joke. As obscene as it was waking up when it was dark, having to work out when it's dark and cold is just as obscene. I didn't know how the ladies who started at 5:30am did it. They were finishing up and it was still dark. But I decided that I had plunked down the money, so I am going to do this.

The workout itself wasn't so bad, and it was nice to be in a small group. I sort of felt like the fat kid on the playground because I was last finishing up some sprints and drills. I didn't care. That's usually how I felt in high school when we had to run laps for the annual fitness test. That's usually how I feel anyway, nothing new. I must say, however, this was my first boot camp and all the other ladies had been before.

"It'll get better" they reassured me. "Good job for just making it out here!"

As dawn broke through the night sky to wake up those who were lucky enough to be sleeping, we continued our work out. I'm happy to report that I can jog without completely passing out, as I have been doing intervals outside and on the treadmill prior to this camp experience. Let's face the truth though, I was tired at the end. I was glad it was over. My head was steaming, literally. I guess I was really hot and the air was really cold. Oh Physics!

Then, in pure ghetto-fabulous style, I went across the street to 24Hour Fitness (I do have membership and frequent it) to freshen up. And I busted out my hairdryer. That's how I roll now.

Am I looking forward to tomorrow?




I'm not digging the idea of another early morning, but I'm stoked that I'm doing this. I'm facing whatever hangups and fears and saying "Take that! I can do this!"

Tomorrow is the Fitness Test, a la high school fitness test...

Wish me luck!


merci burkhalter said...

Good Luck Miss Catie! I KNOW you can do it! If you can ace academia you can ace this! I set my alarm every morning to wake me up at 5:30 a.m. Keep it up! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT the the inner you who wants to lay in bed! I'm on the fitness boot camp kick too. Just remember, muscle has memory, what ever you put into it now will stay with you forever! Your program is going to start showing results faster than ever before with morning workouts! I am living proof! Go GET your new you! GOOD FOR YOU! Remember it's all in your head!! REMEMBER BODY FOR LIFE! WATER , WATER, WATER! WORK OUT. WORK OUT. WORK OUT!

Tita Mech

Lisa Whalen said...

LOL! I lost weight just READING about your new Extreme Workout routine... Best of luck! I'll be thinking of you toiling away in the too early AM while I'm stuffing my face full of strudel in Austria - NOT!!!!

Seriously, though - Good Luck! I'm impressed by your willpower - you're gonna be one HOT looking bride!