Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friends are the best!

I will be out of state for the weekend, for the big parent meeting. My parents are meeting my fiance's parents for the first time on Friday. See, in the midst of starting up my photography business, I'm also working full-time and planning a wedding. Everything has unfolded at the same time, but I had to answer the call of my photography, it just felt right. The right time.

To say the least, it's been an interesting ride thus far as a bride-to-be and aspiring photographer, considering that I'm seeing perspectives from both sides of the camera. I have a much deeper appreciation and admiration for wedding and portrait photographers. It's not a mere matter of pointing and shooting. You have to add in lighting, composition, and a ton of people skills. And that's just the photography aspect; it doesn't even touch the business side.

And so I leave you with a post of an impromptu photo shoot that I had with my friend Hana. She's the one who took my photos for my new header. Our other friends were great sports in allowing us to go full-on paparazzi on them. Here they are SOOC...

Our friend, Elana.


Love this one of Hana

Our friend, Vanessa.

Our friend, Laura.


Lydia said...

Those kind of friends are truly the best! Hope the meeting goes well!

Laura Lynne Photography said...

Beautiful side lighting on these Catie!

Laura Lynne Photography said...

Hey, can't tell if the comment i just made posted so just in case :) - beautiful side lighting!