Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mission Meet the Parents: Success!

I'm back from Dallas, and the meeting was quite successful. Good food, good conversation, good times, how could it be anything but a success? Although, I must say that I had a slight feeling of nervousness having our parents meet for the very first time. However, I think I was definitely more nervous when I "officially" met them last year in Savannah.

We've been dating for what will be three years two weeks from today, and since we've been in a long-distance relationship for most of it, a casual Sunday brunch bringing our two families together wasn't exactly an easy option. Since he proposed in March, having our parents meet has been a major priority, but the execution has been a little bumpy. Between my mom pursuing her Master's in Nursing Education, my sister finishing up her senior year of high school, and my dad losing his job and eventually finding a new one eight months later, not to mention all of his family's obligations, coordination was a challenge. But, we made it happen, even at six months later!

While we were out exploring Dallas, and introducing my parents to my soon-to-be home base, I busted out the camera. We visited the Dallas World Aquarium, which is also one of the locations we had our engagement photos shot, by the awesome Travis Hoehne. We also walked around my fiance's office, which had some great shade to shoot in, escaping the hot Texas sun. My future in-laws were very gracious and allowed me to snap a couple photos of them, as did my sister and parents.

Future In-Laws
My future in-laws

The Parents!
My parents

Little sis

My handsome fiance and I, courtesy of my sister.

Mission Accomplished!

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Lydia said...

These are all great pictures! I can really see both of your parents in you!