Friday, September 26, 2008

New Mustang in the house!

No, not the car. A Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Mustang! My sister just started her freshman year of college at Cal Poly SLO. She's the baby in the family (well, there's only two of us), but it was a pretty big deal to see her off to college. They grow up so fast! Cliche, but so true!


I remember when she just started Kindergarten. We are seven years apart, so I was already in 7th grade when she lugged her backpack that was bigger than her and walked to the Kindergarten line at our little Catholic school. I used to help her with her homework and we would watch the Disney Channel together.

When I got my driver's license, I became the chauffeur. This wasn't really a problem considering that I was so over taking the bus. I was ready to drive on the open road and picking up my little sister from school let me drive that much more!

I left for college in the Fall of 2001. Literally days after the 9/11 attacks. Even though we have a big age gap, we've always been close. When I moved down to San Diego, to UCSD, I think she was devastated. Like when your best friend moves away or when a favorite teacher changes schools. That I'm-totally-going-to-miss-you-but-we'll-call-everyday feeling. But we survived. She called me every night and it was so nice that she did. Even if I didn't talk to my parents all the time, I still had my little sister to see how I was doing.

Hiding out

When I graduated from UCSD, she had just finished her first year in high school. High school! I still remember her as the pipsqueak in Kindergarten. After college I moved back home, so we clicked back into normal routine.  Then she started driving and going to proms and getting a boyfriend. But our dynamic has always been there. We have a great time just hanging out, going to movies, or out to eat. She's grown up into a beautiful young lady, who's really good in science and math, and loves to cook. I'm so proud!


I don't think I ever really realized what it was like for her when I moved away. But I found out. I miss you, sis! It's not the same without her here. No sister to watch a lame movie with. No sister to satisfy the craving for In-N-Out. No sister to drag on a random shopping expedition. I can't wait for her to come back for Thanksgiving.


Of course she had the option of staying at home, but I told her to move away. Learn some independence. Learn to fly on her own. So while I'm sad she's not home all the time, I'm so proud of her! Go Mustangs! Go Cal Poly! I know she's going to have a great time. Go Steph!


The picture of us together is from December '07. I can't believe I couldn't find something more recent. I need to fix that!!

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CamilleElise said...

Hey Catie! My sister is just in her last year of Junior High, I can totally relate to time seemingly flying back. Feels like just yesterday she was riding with training wheels :) Great pics, especially love the one of you two together!