Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Shoots!

I'm excited that I will get some good shooting time next month, which starts tomorrow! I'm really amped about building my portfolio even more!

I have a family shoot, my family in fact, in Boston in October when I'm out there on "real job" business. I'll be visiting my family that lives south of the Boston area. They are a family of eight, with six kids, five cats, and a dog! The oldest, my cousin closest in age, has set out on her own adventure in New York City, so sadly won't be able to get in on the family fun. I know she's having a blast out there though!

I will hopefully be assisting Jennifer Hosler of Candid Moments Photography mid-month. Jennifer graciously offered me the opportunity to tag along with her on a wedding. I'm really excited! It will be my first wedding, NOT as a guest. It's funny to write that since most photographers get excited about BEING a guest. Well, here's to getting my feet wet! (That's such a weird expression when you think about it.)

Finally, I have a First Anniversary shoot towards the end of the month. I have worked with Elizabeth for the last year and a half or so, and since the first time I had lunch with her, I knew that we would be good friends. I watched as she planned her own wedding, with various conversations about her dress, the reception, and getting it all together for her Sweetest Day wedding. She's been so great helping me with suggestions for my own wedding planning. She and her husband Andrew are going to Maine to for their first anniversary. I asked her if she'd be interested in some photos to celebrate their anniversary, and she said yes! It'll be some good fun!

October is going to be fab!


CamilleElise said...

Hey!! That's SO exciting about your first wedding :) Stoked that you have such a fantastic opportunity, good luck!

Lydia said...

That's awesome, Catie! Can't wait to see the pictures!