Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunny Sunday

My first "official" photoshoot was yesterday. Considering all the circumstances it all went very well.

I was excited and I was a nervous wreck. First of all, I had to drive into San Francisco and into the Nob Hill neighborhood (read: lots of fancy condos and no parking). I'm generally a nervous driver in San Francisco, especially when it involves hills or vague directions.

The day started off smoothly. I left right when I wanted to and made the smooth drive up Highway 880. I crossed the Bay Bridge without any problems. I entered the city and carefully followed the directions that Google Maps populated for me. Then I hit Taylor Street. On a map, everything in SF looks flat. I know there are some major hills, but I don't know which ones they are by memory. So it turns out that Taylor Street is one of those hills, and I had the unfortunate luck to have to stop at the top of the 45 degree angle hill. Thank goodness I don't drive a stick shift, I think I would have passed out from the nerves. When the light changed from a red to a flashing yellow (it's not safe enough for a direct green!) I wasn't sure how to handle it. There was a car behind me and I didn't exactly have enough room to roll back. So I gunned it (so to speak) and my car lurched slightly and the tires screeched, but I made it over! Phwew!

I navigated through the streets and found my destination. My next challenge: parking. My clients had kindly arranged for parking in the garage of their buildings. However, the parking spot was situated in the corner spot between a handful of BMW's, Mercedes-Benzes, and a Jaguar. Expensive cars and a tight spot. Great. Luckily, I was directed into the spot and was able to relax a little easier.

Little J was so fun to photograph. She just turned three last week and had plenty to say in her three-year-old talk. After warming up to me a little bit, she was a total ham. Check out some of my favorites:







This kid session was so much fun!


Lydia said...

Aww, she's cute!

Jess said...

aw you should of asked me! I know that area so well! But you came with some great pictures of jazzy, love her!