Thursday, October 2, 2008

[b]eing a good citizen

So, on my usual morning Google Reader updates, I found Jessica Claire's post to be rather intriguing. I don't wish to make my blog a forum for political discussion, but rather a source of encouragement to do your civic duty. This is a huge election, with some serious measures on board. If you have an opinion, vote. If you care about the future of your kids, vote. If you care about the environment, vote. No matter what your issues are, where you stand in the political spectrum, make your voice heard, and VOTE!

Come on people. It's that time of year again. REGISTER to vote. Time's a wastin'.  Regardless of who you are or what you believe in, if you want to make a difference, you'll need to get off your butt and vote. So register.

Thanks to Jessica Claire for posting this on her blog.

Thanks! End of soapbox speech.

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