Saturday, August 30, 2008

The perpetual tourist

San Francisco is city that I'll always feel like a tourist when I visit. I think it's because I don't live there. I actually don't have any desire to live in San Francisco, I like it as a city, but I'm not much of a city girl. Going into SF tends to stress me out, whether it's navigating through the non-parallel or perpendicular streets, dodging crazy drivers trying to bypass traffic, or trying to stay alive when you're the pedestrian and the MUNI or road rager is doesn't care if you're in the crosswalk. 

But I do love walking around and seeing all the sights. It's great going into the city because I do always feel like a tourists. I'm not disenchanted or discouraged by what the city has to offer. Golden Gate Park is beautiful, the views from different points in the city are diverse and lovely in their own ways, and San Francisco is always pulsating with life. It's a place that I've come to appreciate more and more now that I've been so many more times in the last few years.

China Beach Sunset
China Beach Sunset on a clear day

Nice light
This is my friend E. This was the awesome light we had! I know it needs a little work, but I really like this photo of her.

Yummy warm, light! Hopefully I can get some of this tomorrow... No fog!

Happy Saturday!

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