Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So I'm feeling really blessed lately. Blessed to have a wonderful family. Blessed to have a caring and supportive and overall awesome fiance. Blessed to have great friends. I don't think I can thank you all enough.

There are those times, when life feels dark, when nothing feels like it is going right, like nobody watching my back. Then there are those times when life feels so bright, that I have been given so many infinite blessings, that I can't help but celebrate life. And be thankful. It's one of the latter times in my life.

I had a great time with Elizabeth and Andrew this past Saturday. Their shoot went great! I will be posting pics soon. We walked around Downtown Saratoga and the light was just lovely. Thanks guys!

I was looking at my calendar this week and I realized that I have something booked for the 8th, 15th, and possibly the 22nd. I'm so stoked to have these opportunities. I will be shooting my bridesmaid Liz's sister's wedding next Saturday. It's on a boat! That'll be an interesting challenge. I also have another couples shoot on the 15th with my former coworker Beth and her husband Phil, should be a blast. Finally, I might have a Mom & Son shoot on the 22nd. Yay!

I feel really lucky to have some awesome coworkers. My coworker and good friend, Ashley, asked me how I felt about her referring me to her friends for photoshoots to help build my portfolio. A resounding, "YES!" What else would I reply? Well, from her email, I may have an engagement shoot on the books. Thanks Ashley!

With that, I just feel like all of this is right. This is what I should be doing. And I LOVE IT.


TC said...

That's a great attitude to have. It's awesome how gratefulness leads to blessings which leads to gratefulness which leads to...

Keep on moving.

Lydia said...

Yay! It's all starting to feel real, huh? Such an awesome feeling!