Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crossing into Crimson Territory

So the upside to autumn is Daylight Savings time and the extra hour of sleep (of course that got pushed back last year). The downside, when you're a photographer and still have a 9-5 gig, is that by five o'clock, the light is quickly fading.

This afternoon I ventured out to Cambridge where the highly revered university, Harvard, resides. I had vague memories of where things were located since I was out here last year when my sister and I visited our cousins. But without the luxury of light, the sightseeing was markedly different. I enjoy the challenge of taking photos in low light conditions. Now if only I could freeze my arms in particular positions, all the photos wouldn't have the shake factor of a slow shutter speed.

Across the way
Hello Harvard

Library Columns!
The Library

I love books and I love libraries. However, there was no love for me when I graced the steps of the Harvard Library. This is what I was welcomed with:
No Library Access :(
No library access for me.

So my next best option was this:

I love bookstores! I also sat in the cafe and has a lovely piece of surprisingly delicious and creamy Tiramisu. Sadly, I gobbled up the dessert before I had the thought to take a picture of it. Trust me, it was beautifully scrumptious!

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Mary Marantz said...

nice! I love the harvard COOP...they always had much better sweatshirts than Yale did!!