Friday, October 10, 2008

Seriously, my friends ROCK!

Happy Friday everyone!

In my quest to build my portfolio, I've scheduled a couple more shoots! I've been constantly asking myself, "How can I find willing subjects? How can I beef up my goods? What can I do?"

Well, it's been a little tricky. I'm the only one amongst my friends who is engaged. In fact, besides three good friends, of which two live far away (one in NC and the other in France), none of my close friends have serious relationships. Scrap engagement photos.

My sister just moved to college. She and her friends are somewhat out of reach to get some senior photos in. Maybe when she comes back for Thanksgiving, I'll bribe her with free movie tickets...Ah sisterhood.

CalPoly WOW

My dogs, Frieda and Walter, are usually willing subjects at the cost of a dog treat. But even they get over it pretty quickly. I have to trick them just to get them to look at me sometimes. They must think, "there goes our crazy owner with that big hunk of metal!"

Frieda & Walter

So what's a girl to do? Go out on a limb and ask more people!

My biggest *clients* have been my coworkers. The best part of my workplace is the people, the pay is a totally different story. I really like the people I work with, so I'm going to hang on until after the wedding. (Need to fund that wedding plus photography stuff!) My first engagement shoot was for my former coworker Sylvia. I have an Anniversary shoot at the end of October for my rockstar coworker Elizabeth.

Guess what? Another coworker obliged my offer for some Anytime photos. Yay! Beth rocks my socks! (literally!) She's a champion knitter from Rhode Island. Seriously, she can knit a beanie or socks like nobody's business. It'll be a blast hanging out with her and her husband Phil, soon to be Dr. Phil. (As in Ph.D., not the talk show host).

And the biggy! My bridesmaid's sister is having a small, simple ceremony in a month and she asked if I'd be interested in photographing it. Is there any other answer other than "YES!" I'm really excited about it because it's a wedding and it's my bridesmaid's sister and it'll help expand my portfolio beyond just my friends and pets.

Have a great weekend! Going to play with my 85mm 1.8!

Wow, so I think I've come to a realization. I think and write with a lot of exclamations. If you've met me, you know that's not necessarily the case. Oh well, it's all the exciting stuff coming up!!


Mark Brooke Photographers said...

So cute! candice loves dogs!!!!!!!

Jess said...

If I'm in CA anytime before (or really after) the wedding, I would love for you to shoot me and Nick! How's the planning going?

Lydia said...

What awesome friends!

Anonymous said...

senior pics?? of me and teffy? lol