Sunday, October 19, 2008

A walk through Boston

I did a lot of walking in Boston. A LOT. It's too bad I didn't wear a pedometer, because I'm pretty sure I logged a significant number of miles. On my last day in Boston, I decided to cut out of work with a little time to spare. I took one last promenade down Commonwealth Street over to the Boston Public Garden. It's so beautiful! The leaves are starting to change, and I'm sure it'll be gorgeous once everything is golden.

Boston Public Garden

I had read about Beacon Hill in the local guide book, so I ventured over there. Since it was nice out, I opted to walk. I came upon these buildings and decided to look up.
Old Building

This is the 7-Eleven on Charles Street. I had to take a picture of it because it was just so fancy looking for me, especially for a convenience store. The inside was pretty typical, but the outside would make you do a double take before you knew that it was a 7-Eleven.
Fancy 7 Eleven

This is Acorn Street, the "most photographed street in Boston". I just had to check it out and get my perspective in. Loving the brick and cobblestones. Not so fun to walk over those though.
Acorn Street

So here's my self-portrait. Those bad boys over my ears are some now-defunct Sharper Image Noise Cancelling headphones my dad let me borrow. Awesome to drown out the din of city noise and concentrate on listening to Ron Dawson's totally fab F-Stop Beyond interviews! I must have blown through at least 20 interviews over the entire trip! Love 'em! I also had to document (even with a cheesy photo) that I was here! The one behind the camera.
I was here!

So if there was one thing I learned about Bostonians, it's that Walk/Don't Walk signs are merely for show. As our tour guide told us, the Don't Walk sign just means "Hurry up!" I really wanted to capture this experience before leaving the city. Here's my take:
Crazy Pedestrians!
Notice the red hand and the frenzy to cross. There was a car coming.

Here are my cousins from New Bedford, hanging out at the COOP. They are big Manga fans.
Sera and Rosie

Photos from the wedding I third shot are coming soon! It was awesome. Imagine the groom diving for the garter to the music from The Office. That couple was totally rad!


Hanaumi Photography said...

Acorn Street...very cool! Can't wait to see the wedding pics :)

CamilleElise said...

All these pictures make me want to visit Boston!! Cute picture of you in there :) Glad your trip went well, can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding!!

Auntie Kathleen said...

awww....what a cute shot...all the Boston photos are great! Love the one of the pond at the Public Garden. :)

Ron Dawson said...

Thanks for being such a fun of the show!

Lisa said...

LOL! On the other side of the equation, us transplanted east-coasters think you west coast types are just a little bit nuts because you actually wait for the little walking man before crossing the street! Seems like such a waste of time... :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing pics from your wedding shoot!

Jess said...

Yeah - welcome to the East coast. I remember I was crossing the street at a red in SF and ashley almost had a heart attack and literally DRAGGED me back. Now go to NYC and think about walking vs. not walking... :)

Larry Reeves said...

Man, I love the East Coast...the 7 eleven is so cool! haha...LUCKY!!

Lydia said...

Wow, their colors out there are beautiful! That definitely doesn't look like a 7-11 out here!