Tuesday, August 26, 2008

F-Stop Beyond = AWESOME!

Since launching myself into the nitty gritty of photography, I've been scouring the web for links and sites and forums (oh my!) that are helpful for a newbie like me. One such site that I've discovered and now LOVE is F-Stop Beyond and now F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color.

I first stumbled upon F-Stop Beyond when Liana Lehman posted that her interview would be available that day. I had never been to the site, but man, I was sure glad I clicked on over. I listened to the interview and it was just so blown away. Hearing the words of a successful photographer, recognized by her name and her branding in the industry, and listening to her journey from where she started to where she is now was so humbling. Not to mention that Ron Dawson is a great interviewer, who delves in past "What kind of photography do you do?" and really allows listeners to get to know the photographer on a deeper level.

And now, with the launch of F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color, there are video interviews! Even better! The first set is of the Santa Barbara rockstar (in my book!) David Jay. You get a peek into the Freedom House, get to listen to DJ's story, and anecdotes from THE assistant, Crystal. I'm not sure how to phrase this, but the interview allows us to bring him down to a more real level. You get to see that DJ is a real guy, with a real business, living a real life, and so down to earth. I appreciate and respect DJ and all his success that much more! Check it:

Thanks Ron for what you do. Thanks for sharing these fantastic interviews, and I can't wait to see/listen to more!

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Ron Dawson said...

Wow Catie. I'm humbled by your flattering post of our show. Thanks so much for listening. Responses like this make all the hard work worthwhile.

All the best,
Ron Dawson
Host/Producer, F-Stop Beyond