Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh the things you can find on the internet!

The internet has been a phenomenal resource in furthering my understanding of various topics in photography, business, and marketing. I've been following the [b] school blog for a couple of months now, taking in each and every one of Becker's quick videos. It was through him that I stumbled upon Jodi Friedman's MCP Actions blog. Jodi is truly a Photoshop guru, who is so willing to teach what can be a very intimidating program.

Today, I was perusing her site and was wondering how photographers apply their logo with borders to all their photos that they post online. I figured there had to be a simpler way than opening each and every photo and applying each piece manually. Having to do it that way almost seems silly. And in the land of quick turnaround, it would be silly and self-defeating.

I searched the keywords of "borders" and "logo" and came upon an online tutorial, by guest blogger Matt Antonio. I recognized his name from the OSP forums (although, I'm still waiting for verification, and can only read topics -- it's still very helpful!), and was so stoked to find this help! The tutorial can be found here. It creates an action that you can not only run on single photos, but it's also batchable -- ie automated, so once you're ready you can just walk away. Way cool!

Here are some samples from some earlier photos:



Lydia said...

Those look great Catie!

Picture Infinity Studios said...

Glad you liked the tute!