Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kickboxing and Branding

I was huffing and puffing in my kickboxing class. It's been about four weeks since my last class. Oh that pesky ankle sprain and travel for work. The ankle is back in action (thanks to cold laser!) and things at work have cooled down.

Bob and weave. Jab. Cross. Hook. Upper. Deep breath. Side push kick, roundhouse. Wipe my forehead.

In the midst of trying to follow along with the punching and kicking combinations, all my mind could go back to was branding. Branding? While kickboxing? The whole business side of photography has been at the forefront of my mind since the Free to Succeed tour. How am I going to brand myself? What is unique to me? How do I add value?

All this while doing front kicks and back push kicks. Maybe I wasn't working hard enough in the TurboKick class, but I sure was in overdrive in terms of branding. I was thinking about the 24 Hour Fitness brand and how it has been promoting its training sessions along with the Olympics. I thought about the Nike Swoosh and how it's an internationally recognized symbol of Nike and the "Just do it" slogan. I thought about how Jasmine Star built her brand from the ground up and claimed her piece of the pie in the wedding photography capital of the world - Orange County. I want to create a brand.

So while I keep working on my brand, I'm taking more action. I'm taking J*'s suggestion and asking friends and family to come up with five words to describe me. I don't want this to just be an esoteric project. I want to share it with everyone, as I craft my brand that is uniquely me. This is not a solitary endeavor! I can't wait to see what comes!

Jab. Cross. Hook. Upper. Cool down.

I'm pumped! I'm doing it!

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