Sunday, August 10, 2008

A New Challenge

I've been living, breathing, thinking, and dreaming photography since that day in Half Moon Bay, when I had an impromptu photo shoot with two of my colleagues' kids. I had brought my gear to the beach, thinking that I would just take some scenery shots. When I spotted that there were some kids on scene, I thought, "perfect"! I didn't want it to be awkward for the parents and just start taking shots of their kids, but I did anyway. It turned out to be pretty great. The kids were cute and their parents now had some recent shots to share. Yes!

Here are some of my favorites:

Little C: This little guy is my manager's son. I don't think he was too sure what to make of the camera, but I was able to catch some precious moments. His dad asked me about maybe taking some photos of his wife and him, as well as their whole happy family. Cool!

Little R: This little guy was so cute! He even asked me to take his picture. He posed and smiled and said "cheese". Definite ham. And on the upside, his mom called me the next week asking if I would be the photographer at their party. Unfortunately, I was out of town. Dang, it would have been a great first gig!

In pursuit of my personal holy grail - becoming a professional photographer - I've decided to challenge myself to practice more. It's all about the practicing. In order to hone some of my skills, I've been reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, and has shined some light on the basics for me. Similar to the "101 in 1001" goals list, I want to complete my new goal of "30 photos in 30 days". This would just be a start, of course, to kick myself into gear and pursue my dreams. It's so close I can taste it.

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Jess said...

CALEB!!!!!!!!! AWWWW he is adorable! Who is "little r"? Who's kid is that?