Friday, August 22, 2008

Fast Track Photographer

I was so excited about the package I received in the mail! It was Dane Sanders' Fast Track Photographer, which I have patiently been waiting for since I ordered it.

I forget exactly where I first heard about the Fast Track Photographer, but I was so excited about it coming in the mail. I was even more stoked to get the eBook from Dane a few days prior to the book shipping from the warehouse. I quickly downloaded and opened the PDF and started reading. Everything started to resonate in my mind. I want to be a "Beth" not a "Franz". I don't want to get the "Grumpies".

I'm only on Chapter 3, but I know that this book will definite serve me so well as I develop my business. I also think it's so awesome to have this book now while I start my business, helping to curtail some of the frustrations of any beginning.

I just took my pDNA test and I'm ready to see where I lie and how the rest of the book unfolds! The sky's the limit!

Denver, August 2008


Dane Sanders said...

Long live Beth!
(aka Catie!!)

I'm stoked the book is meaningful to you Catie. Thanks for saying such encouraging words!


Lydia said...

I finished the ebook and can't wait for the real thing so I can take the pDNA test! I'm so glad to have something like this from the beginning!

Marissa said...

I'm reading this too! Just finished the part about the Grumpies, I'm a Beth all the way!

By the way, I could have sworn I saw the clouds moving in that Denver photo. Even after I blinked, I thought I saw them slowly drifting. Great photo!