Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How's about some pictures!

I realized this morning that my posts have been pretty word heavy. I gotta lotta words, what can I say? But here's some lovin' from SF on the Friday after the FTS tour.


Plus one from my neighborhood, playing with a little sun flare.

Happy Wednesday!


Lydia said...

Love the color in your pictures! Where is that heart?

Miguel de la Fuente said...

nice shots catie! thanks for the comment on mine as well...

question though, my blog doesnt seem to stretch out to the edges of the page the way i want it i feel the pictures are also smaller than they should be. is it html stuff that you did to make yours bigger or the template of the blog?

HazelnutPhotography said...

Hi Catie! Thanks for the comment about the photobooth! I'd love to send over some directions on how it's done, but I can't find your email address on your blog. Email me at and I'll shoot them over!